Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Whatever nuggets of truth one may happen to extract from this semi-literate, ill-researched production should be checked thoroughly. It is about the sloppiest job of filmmaking I have ever seen.

The filmmaker confuses "adorn" with "adore," calls William Jennings Bryan "William Jennings," and incorporates the whole Jesus/Horus parallel from the totally-discredited writings of Gerald Massey, who seems to have created such analogies in order to "liberate the mind from the dwarfing and blighting effect of pagan and Christian mythology."

Though it occasionally says some good things (and quotes Bill Hicks), "Zeitgeist" is a stinker.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The History Channel is Bunk

After fortifying my nerves with a few Saranac Pilseners, I went upstairs with my DVD-R of the History Channel 911 piece to watch it on the jumbotron in our bedroom. Despite my chemically-induced serenity, I started shouting at the screen within minutes, especially since they brought out that faggoty weasel Shirmer as an "expert," along with Hearst gayboys Miegs and his high-cheekboned protege. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) Miegs couldn't build a crystal radio. And if Shirmer is a skeptic, I'm David Hume.

Perhaps because I watch so little television, my sensitivity was heightened to tbe semantic devices used in the Crockumentary. Anyone "they" said was an "expert" was, by definition, an "expert." And anyone with an alternate theory of events, was, by definition, NOT an expert and therefore a "Conspiracist." Call me anti-Semantic (but smile when you say that) I thought that their cheap verbal tricks (the "experts" "debunked" the "Conspiracists"--entirely because THEY SAID SO, case closed) heightened the aroma of this magnificent steaming turd.

And all the "experts" felt sorry for the "Conspiracists" because of their pathetic need to believe this stuff. Horseshit! I'd LOVE to believe that our Government was on the level, and that it had our best interest at heart. The more I look at this crap, the LESS I believe. Every day I have more questions and fewer answers. I'm not a Christian, I'm not a Patriot, and I'm an American only because my parents fucked here. The only thing I believe in right now is Louis Armstrong. And my allegiances are not to some amorphous "movement" but to my wife and friends and the plot of ground I live on in Utica, NY.

The History-is-Bunk Channel LIED about Bldg 7--it was built like a brick shithouse (steel reinforced). And showing the LC boys dithering and backpedalling on their new edition of the movie was pathetic. Between Dylan Avery's Prince Hamlet tapdancing and Alex Jones' steamroller certainty, as well as all the other sideshow freaks they put up for us to gawk at, there were more straw men here than in a Ray Bolger look-alike contest.

So anyone who doubts History Channel certainty is pathetic? Fuck it. Pass me that Saranac Pilsener, and turn up the Satch while you're at it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


This has nothing to do with 9/11, thank God. Just my friend Mark Bode talking about his art and his father Vaughn, and a rare video of Vaughn Bode from 1974. Enjoy!

And here's a "Cheech Wizard" animation that Mark did the voices and played the accordion for:

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Last 911 Podcast You'll Ever Need

A lot of people won't like this, but it's all stuff I've been thinking about, and I felt it was time to say it.