Friday, March 27, 2009


I appreciate the kind words that were posted on this site.

I would also like to set the record straight.

The information that the program shared was meant to reveal the nature of the real conspiracy against not only Americans but all peoples of the world.

That information did not paint a pretty picture, but it was an accurate representation of the way things have been, are, and will be.

It’s simple, really. It’s always been about the money and mercantilism. Nations were created to open new markets, not to shelter huddled masses yearning to be free.

Despite the number of Christians who came to the New World, the United States was not God-breathed, nor was there any special providential dispensation granted this nation.

But that fairy tale was necessary to get Americans to believe we won the revolution, that our “framers” were really good guys, that the Constitution was for our protection.

That fairy tale also made it easier for us to accept the misinformation about the real forces behind the internecine slaughter known as the Civil War, the genocide of aboriginal peoples, and our twentieth-century role as the global hitman for corporations.

At this point in our history, it should be clear that government is irredeemably corrupt. There were honest representatives even into the last century, but they were thwarted and, finally, weeded out. What we have now are whores who have rented themselves out to the forces that will turn this nation into not only a socialist but, ultimately, a totalitarian state.

We never had our country to take it back. The Constitution was never meant to provide us with protection from the Federal government, yet paytriots still cannot get it through their heads as those who try to use the Constitution as a legal tool get threatened with contempt by judges, who, though reprehensible in their own right, are doing what is legally mandated.

When will the dumbass paytriots ever learn that the framers framed all of us a long time ago?

The show was not my day job, though it became the equivalent of such with regard to the time and energy expended and the seriousness with which I undertook it. But, unlike a real job, this endeavor sucked thousands of dollars from our personal finances across seven years, which is why I incorporated to write the losses off against our tax liability. The dollar drain is something I never complained about nor begged money for. That was a decision and sacrifice Lady Vyz and I chose to make.

All of you have issues, physical or otherwise, that arise in your lives. We do, too, to the point where, given our age, we don’t take tomorrow for granted. And it’s clear to us that it’s time to lighten the load, shift gears, and slow things down. We’re not passing this way again. And we cannot change the shape of things to come. But we do want to enjoy what we can while we can.

I can’t run a race of endurance or play a game of attrition with the paytriot networks. I’m outmanned and out-resourced and outlawed by them. But, understand this fully, the networks are not your allies. You know the mainstream and PBS/NPR broadcast outlets are full of shit, but the paytriot networks are just playing the other side of the street, because, in the end, money does change everything and the first casualty is the always truth, especially in paytriot broadcasting.

From here on in, I hope you will avail yourselves of the audio to be posted at At the pace of a volume a month, it will take over four years to air them all.

The Inside the Knoll e-zine will be out shortly on the TOBE site.

That e-zine will reveal some of the workings behind the scenes and also provide an insight to some of my frequent guests who have contributed to this work.

I ain’t going anywhere, just putting the brakes on. Hope you’ll stick around.

And thank you all again.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Ang, of Think or Be Eaten, will soon host the complete archives of From The Grassy Knoll and Beyond the Grassy Knoll at THIS LINK. At the moment, there's this message:

The bad news: Regular listeners to Vyzygoth's Beyond The Grassy Knoll were stunned earlier this month when learning of the end of Beyond The Grassy Knoll broadcasts.

The good news: Think Or Be Eaten will be carrying on the legacy of The Grassy Knoll.

Specifics are still to be determined, but at this time here is what we know. The Grassy Knoll archives, spanning seven years of many diverse interviews, will be accessible here. The re-broadcasting of his entire archive, A to Z, will be made available one month at a time.

Bookmark this page because this will be the new permanent place on the web to access all Grassy Knoll audio archives and other related Knoll materials. TOBE has offered to make this space available to Vyz in whatever way he wants to utilize it and he has accepted that offer.

Exactly when this transition will occur is not yet known but tune in here for further information and updates, we will keep you apprised. As we get more information we will pass it on to you.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


It's with much sadness we report that our friend Vyzygoth has discontinued his excellent program:

The reasons for my withdrawing the program, the closing down of my e-mail addresses, and the subsequent shutting down of the websites are predicated on nothing other than a desire to regain my privacy and time. A one-time, free e-zine is due out shortly, but I will not be involved in any other show or engage in any e-mail correspondences. This e-zine project and perhaps others, though, will be affixed to another website because, at the end of March, this site will be pulled down. If you want to save the 2008-09 audio archives, do it as soon as possible.

It's sad but also quite understandable that Vyz would walk away at the top of his game. He'd been increasingly frustrated by the amount of crap and half-crap that was circulated as valid news by people who should have known better. He had also made it a point to answer every email sent to him--and wound up on every CC list of forwarded rumor and inane ranting imaginable. In his most recent "These Days" installment addressing this surfeit of dreck, he sounds stressed--and tired.

In a conversation I had with him last Friday after he had decided to retire, he sounded much happier. No one should ever make himself a human sacrifice to the alternative media Play-Doh Fun Factory of feces. The world is much wider and richer than the 17-inch monitor in front of you, and certainly these words have much less significance than the concerns and enjoyments teeming just outside the range of its tunnel vision.

By all means download Vyz's programs while you still have the opportunity. There's good stuff there--you won't hear any better. Save the shows, back them up on DVD-R or your external hard drive, and take them out and listen to them when the universe of crap starts to close in on you. You'll feel a bit less lonely in so doing--and God knows it's getting lonely out here.


malarkey, n. Slang. Exaggerated or foolish talk, usually intended to deceive

As it's St. Paddy's Day and I'll soon be boiling my corned beef and cabbage (with carrots, potatoes, and onions) there's probably no better time to deal with the distracting and inane malarkey of that malevolent leprechaun, Fintan Dunne.

Most recently and most regrettably, Dunne has exerted his underwhelming knowledge of basic physics, deployed his Fort Apache array of straw men on the battlements, and cheerfully ignored all salient facts that do not agree with his revised theory of How The Twin Towers Came Down--a hypothesis which bears more than a passing resemblance to an early draft of the NIST report. As such, he merits an F in 8th grade science, an A in basket-weaving, and a B+ in tap-dancing.

First of all, forget about WTC 7. Dunne doesn't know how it was done, so ignore it. Sure, it looks like a controlled demolition and it fell at about free-fall speed--but that's just impossible. And when Dan Rather said it reminded him of a controlled demolition, pay him no heed because he was told to say that by the powers that be. Rather was instructed to plant the notion that explosives were used (as was Peter Jennings).

(Dunne is particularly adept at picking out fakes like Rather and Jennings. In fact, he's managed to prove that everybody is a fake except for Fintan Dunne. Imagine that.)

Dunne also believes that if explosives were used and the perpetrators wanted to cover it up they wouldn't bring in Controlled Demolition Inc., especially given their role in the cover-up of the OKC bombing. This from a guy that said the anomalies in the Nick Berg beheading video were placed there deliberately to bust the chops of the people that get it. Dunne could also add the naming of the disaster scene "Ground Zero" and the "terrorist hate your for your freedoms" line while they passed the Patriot Act. Controlled Demolition's presence on the scene was a show of arrogance and a necessity.

When Dunne attempts to explain the collapse of the towers he reveals just how stunningly ignorant he is--and how crafty. Before he serves up his plate of warmed over pancake theory (with rancid butter and adulterated syrup), he defines the opposition to his irrefutable logic as espousing thermite/thermate, cutter charges, or space beams. He pooh-poohs pyroclastic flow. And he completely ignores other credible theories (such as the deployment of tactical mini-nukes) to explain how the buildings disintegrated from the top down and pulverized themselves to dust following the path of maximal resistance.

He asserts (contrary to supposed popular belief) that there was plenty of steel lying about for NIST and others to examine--and so why didn't NIST (or others) find signatures of explosives? Well, NIST never felt the need to analyze the steel for signs of explosives, being in the employ of the perpetrators and otherwise following the Official Story: planes brought down the buildings, and explosives (of whatever sort) did not compute.

When confronted with the long-lasting molten steel, Dunne responds with an explanation that would have made Guinness come out my nose: friction! Apparently, in Dunne's physical universe, there was such friction when the towers came down (in less than 15 seconds through the path of maximal resistance) that the resulting heat melted steel and caused it to stay molten for three months. (By the same token, if I put on corduroy pants and walked around the block three times I'd burst into flames.)

And those lovely squibs: Fintan says they were just air being forced out of windows as the floors pancaked. The forced-air hypothesis also explains how steel beams were ejected hundreds of feet. The air, Dunne claims, was being compressed so that it escaped at something like six hundred miles per hour--enough to throw around girders like Tinkertoys. Uh-huh.

Dunne also conveniently forgets (or never knew) the difference between "heat" and "temperature." He avers that the steel got so hot (as a result of the jet-fuel and office fires) that it began to distort and buckle within 20 minutes. Forgetting for the moment that steel conducts heat and would have distributed it through the steel framework of the buildings, 20 minutes isn't long enough to bake a pizza. But while there was some heat from the fires, the actual temperature wouldn't have been high enough to compromise the steel.

Fintan Dunne is an occasionally-charming rogue who has obviously played tonsil-hockey with the Blarney Stone. With this series on the destruction of the World Trade Center towers, it's clear he's jumped whatever shark may dwell in the Irish Sea. Not that he's as tender and savory as the corned beef we'll enjoy today--if you stick a fork in him you'll find he's Dunne.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Jeff Long of DC911Truth and The Rock Creek Free Press appeared with Vyzygoth this week on Beyond the Grassy Knoll. This is one of the best programs I've heard on the 9/11 Truth "movement" since stepping aboard this bus. It's very informative, with lots of fun gossip about all the usual suspects.

Also Jeff reveals that activism isn't about having meetings and forming committees. (But you already knew that.)

Download this excellent program HERE.

Monday, March 02, 2009


It's sad to note that one of the Good Guys is discontinuing his invaluable and genial program: Gordon Comstock is shutting down the Ministry of Truth for at least the foreseeable future. Here is his statement:

Due to the hardships of feudal serfdom, the Ministry has adjourned. There was always a thin window in my week when I could pull off a show; there is no such window right now for me and mine to keep up with website maintenance. The tech stuff finally did me in. I have no idea when or even if this thing will return. God knows; I don't know. I'm tired; my wife's tireder. Score two for the Robber Barons. Lord, have mercy; give us rest. --Gordon

Herb Smith and I had a very enjoyable time doing his show late last year--Gordon is very easy to talk to and has a deep and true knowledge of literature, history, and the current state of world affairs. More than that, in listening to him one gathers the accurate impression that he is simply a great guy.

His sane and sensible voice will be missed in this realm where shrill fear-mongering and rabid fulminating would seem to hold sway. We sincerely hope he will return with more excellent interviews and cogent analysis once he is able to do so.