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Detroit 9/11 Terror

A look at Detroit's financial connections to 9/11 sent to us by its author, John McDermott.


Has the Metropolitan Detroit area demonstrated any greater connection to domestic terrorism events and developments than have other metropolitan areas?
Which persons from the Metropolitan Detroit area have figured most prominently in terrorism related events and developments?

Have any of those same domestic terrorism events been so-called ‘False Flag’ events intended to mislead public opinion by falsely implicating people who were not wholly responsible for the events?

Are there any demonstrable relationships between or among those persons from Metropolitan Detroit who have figured prominently in these terrorism related events?

Was the GMAC mortgage financing of the July 2001 World Trade Center Towers 1 and 2, Buildings 4 and 5 leasehold sales an ‘arms-length’ transaction done in the ordinary course of business and only done after exercising due diligence?

Was the GMAC mortgage financing of WTC 1, 2, 4 & 5 not ‘arms-length’ due to some unusual external pressure or some unusual internal influence being applied to cause GMAC to hastily enter the unprecedented transaction without exercising due diligence?

While performing the due diligence appropriate to a $563 million mortgage origination and bond issue, had GMAC’s consultants, appraisers, environmental inspectors, building inspectors, mechanical inspectors or surveyors unwittingly discovered and innocently documented property conditions or circumstances which could later be reasonably interpreted as evidence of prior knowledge, preparation for or anticipation of the 9/11 events?

Why did Chubb Group apparently recruit General Motors Executive Vice President and GMAC Chairman John Finnegan to become Chubb CEO and President in late 2002 during litigation involving the Chubb and Swiss Re led insurance consortium’s reimbursement of 9/11 claims including GMAC’s $563 million claim? Had John Finnegan learned something about the 9/11 events which Chubb’s Board hoped might minimize Chubb’s liability?

Why did Geneva based Swiss Re apparently recruit former General Motors Chairman and CEO John F. ‘Jack’ Smith to join the Swiss Re Board of Directors in early 2003 during litigation involving the Chubb and Swiss Re led insurance consortium’s reimbursement of 9/11 claims including GMAC’s $563 million claim? Had Jack Smith learned something about the 9/11 events which Swiss Re’s Board hoped might minimize Swiss Re’s liability?

Why did Silverstein Properties apparently recruit former General Motors Vice President Andy Card’s brother as an Albany lobbyist in October 2001 although A.
Bradford ‘Brad’ Card had not been a lobbyist for-hire before? What other lobbyists did Silverstein Properties hire in the immediate aftermath of 9/11?

When GMAC sued Silverstein Properties in January 2002 to prohibit or enjoin Silverstein Properties from using 9/11 insurance proceeds to hire lobbyists in Albany and Washington, was GMAC concerned with or even aware of Brad Card’s work in Albany?

Were Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin and FBI Congressional Affairs Liaison Unit Chief Arthur Radford Baker in communication between March 2001 and September 11, 2001? Did Carl Levin receive information about the Gomel Chesed Cemetery informant from Arthur Radford Baker? Did Arthur Radford Baker receive instructions from Carl Levin to reject or discourage the Gomel Chesed informant? Why would the FBI assign a Congressional Affairs Liaison to respond to an informant from Newark alleging a terrorism threat? Was Baker assigned to the Gomel Chesed matter by the new Administration’s transitional FBI hierarchy or by the fiat of Carl Levin? Had Baker become Unit Chief of the FBI Congressional Affairs Office due to the Levin Brothers’ patronage or sponsorship?

Why did Committee Chairman Carl Levin interrupt the questioning of VCJCS General Richard Myers by Senator Nelson on September 13, 2001? Was there some collusion between Levin and Myers regarding Myers’ pending confirmation as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? Was there some collusion between Levin and Myers regarding the apparent NORAD stand down on September 11, 2001? Was Myers’ confirmation as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff a quid pro quo promised by Levin or others for Myers standing down NORAD on 9/11?

Was Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin one of the principal planners of the 9/11 attacks?

Given Senator Levin’s Advise and Consent powers and his Blue Slip veto powers in Judicial and Federal law enforcement appointments in Michigan, is Senator Levin largely responsible for conspicuous False Flag events staged by Federal law enforcement in the Eastern District of Michigan?

Michigan native Terry Nichols is a convicted accomplice in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing which claimed the lives of 168 people. Nichols met his future co-conspirator Tim McVeigh during a brief stint in the U.S. Army. In 1994 and perhaps in 1995, Nichols and McVeigh practiced ammonium nitrate bomb making at or near a Nichols’ family property in eastern Michigan’s Thumb region.
No fewer than 24 witnesses saw Timothy McVeigh, just before and after the explosion, with a man who could not have been either Terry Nichols or convicted accomplice Michael Fortier. The FBI refused to release the many security camera videos
from nearby properties which must have captured images of this other unidentified suspect.
Ret. Brigadier General Ben Partin in 1995 prepared technical reports and made public presentations demonstrating why the Murrah Federal Building bomb damage was obviously inconsistent with a single external truck bomb explosion. creen&v=mOT_wOm3xys&NR=1
At least one already exploded device and at least one unexploded device were found within the Murrah Federal Building and removed by the Oklahoma City bomb squad. Several Oklahoma City broadcast and newspaper reporters reported the discovery of the multiple explosive devices as verified by the local and Federal law enforcement officials at the scene.
One of those many Oklahoma City television newsmen who reported the multiple explosive devices was Devin Scillian Scillian then transferred to Metro Detroit’s Channel 4 NBC affiliate where he has been evening news anchor since the 1990’s. The Metro Detroit television affiliate of NBC is sometimes described as NBC’s single largest local affiliate in the Nation.
According to a June 13, 1995 New York Times article by Jo Thomas, Detroit FBI S.A. Arthur Radford Baker filed a search warrant affidavit in Detroit Federal District Court related to the April 21, 1995 search of the Nichols’ family farm in Decker, Michigan. Detroit FBI attempted unsuccessfully to implicate Terry Nichols’ brother in the Murrah Federal Building attack.

An October 2000 conversation spoken in Hebrew and overheard in Newark’s Gomel Chesed Cemetery alarmed a witness sufficiently that he e-mailed a warning to Attorney General Ashcroft. One of the three men speaking in Hebrew allegedly said "The Americans will learn what it is to live with terrorists after the planes hit the twins in September."

According to the informing witness’ account, on February 9, 2001, approximately seven months prior to the airplanes being flown into the ‘twins’, he sent an e-mail to then Attorney General Ashcroft informing the Attorney General that he had important terrorism-related information.

The Attorney General did not directly respond to the source. Shortly thereafter, on March 28, 2001, the source received a letter from FBI Congressional Liaison Unit Chief Arthur Radford Baker informing him that if he had information to share, he should contact the FBI Newark Division

The witness then attempted persistently to contact the Newark FBI Office as instructed by Baker. However, the Newark FBI’s apparent lack of a satisfactory response caused the informant to write a letter back to FBI Congressional Liaison Unit Chief Arthur Radford Baker on May 21, 2001. In this letter, the source reiterated that he had important information to share with the government, but would need a guarantee of protection by the FBI before he could disclose all that he knew.
On June 26, 2001, the informant received another letter from Arthur Radford Baker. Also on June 26, 2001, two Newark FBI Agents Robin Gritz and Andrew Stengel finally paid a visit to and conducted a three hour interview of the Gomel Chesed informant. See

Partially legible, partially redacted images of Unit Chief Arthur Radford Baker’s two pre-9/11 FBI letters to the Gomel Chesed informant can be seen briefly within this linked documentary diatribe at 7:08 and at 8:21 of the 9 minute 30 second video clip:

United Airlines Flight 93 departed from Newark International Airport.

Newark’s N.J. District U.S. Attorney Robert J. Cleary was succeeded by U.S.A. Christopher J. Christie January 17, 2002. Former N.J. U.S.A. Cleary became in 2002 a partner at the Proskauer Rose law firm which had begun representing Silverstein Properties in 9/11 insurance matters on Saturday September 15, 2001. Cleary’s white collar defense clientele at Proskauer Rose has included Marsh executives and Enron et al.


Detroit FBI Special Agent Arthur Radford Baker Jr. was admitted to the Michigan Bar November 22, 1993. P#48852. He used the Detroit FBI’s Michigan Avenue address as his Bar Directory address until 1998 when he used a residential address in Macomb County’s Clinton Township where he owned a home. In 1999 and 2000 Baker used his Ellicott City residential address in Maryland’s Howard County as his Michigan Bar Directory address. The April 2001 Michigan Bar Directory lists Baker’s address as ‘FBI – Congressional Affairs Office, 935 Pennsylvania Avenue.’ Not until the 2003 Bar Directory did Baker identify himself as ‘Unit Chief – Legislative Counsel, FBI Congressional Affairs.’
The Detroit FBI’s offices occupy several floors (19-23) in the McNamara Federal Building at 477 Michigan Avenue Detroit. United States Senator Carl Levin’s Detroit office is Suite 1860, McNamara Federal Building, 477 Michigan Avenue.

During his years of tenure as a Detroit FBI Special Agent, FBI Congressional Affairs Unit Chief Baker must have met or encountered Senator Levin and his Detroit staff rather regularly in the McNamara Building.

From 1993 to 1998, Card was President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Automobile Manufacturers Association (AAMA), the trade association whose members were Detroit’s Big Three - Chrysler Corporation, Ford Motor Company and General Motors Corporation. The AAMA dissolved in December 1998. From 1999 until his selection as President Bush's Chief of Staff, Card was General Motors' Vice President of Government Relations. Card directed the company's international, national, state and local government affairs activities and represented GM on matters of public policy before Congress and the Administration.
Chief of Staff Andy Card whispered to the seated President that a second plane had struck the second World Trade Center Tower, but did not interrupt the children’s reading, did not remove the President from the classroom and did not immediately provide communications equipment to the President.

General Motors Acceptance Corp Commercial Mortgage (GMACCM) as Silverstein Properties’ WTC 1, 2, 4 & 5 Financier

On February 22, 2001, Vornado Realty Trust of New Jersey was declared the winning $3.25 Billion bidder to purchase the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s (PANY&NJ) publicly bid leasehold interest in World Trade Center Towers 1 & 2 and Buildings 4 and 5.

On May 2, 2001, PANY&NJ announced it would revert to the second place bidder Silverstein Properties’ now increased $3.215B bid after the winning $3.25B bidder Vornado Realty Trust failed to complete the extraordinarily complex contract negotiations within the several weeks allowed by the PANY&NJ. An example of the complexity of the leasehold transaction is that the insurance consortium alone involved twenty five insurance companies led by Chubb and Swiss Re.

New York Governor Pataki hailed the July 2001 WTC leasehold sale as both the largest real estate transaction in New York and the largest privatization of public property anywhere.

Silverstein Properties’ ability to aggressively negotiate the mammoth WTC leasehold acquisition may have been due in significant part to GMACCM’s willingness to finance the unprecedented transaction within an unusually brief period.

The GMAC Executive whose aggression or internal influence may have enabled Silverstein Properties to accomplish what Vornado Realty Trust had not accomplished may have been Eric A Feldstein, according to investigative journalist Chris Bollyn. Feldstein had been General Motors Treasurer since 1997 and became G.M. Vice President Finance beginning June 2001 just as the WTC deal must have been nearing closing. Eric Feldstein’s father and Larry Silverstein are or were contemporaries and had reportedly both long been Officers of certain of the same New York City charities according to Bollyn.

Silverstein Properties reportedly supplied $125 million in equity of which $100 million may have been a letter of credit tendered at the inception of the negotiation. GMACCM supplied at the July closing approximately $563 million in purchase money funding derived from its issuance of bonds (CMBS – commercial mortgage backed securities) to investors. The balance of the $3.21 billion purchase/sale price of the leasehold might be regarded as seller financing owed to PANY&NJ by the purchaser.
GMACCM sued Silverstein Properties January 16, 2002 alleging insurance proceeds received from the Chubb and Swiss Re led insurance consortium were not being properly applied to the many costs and liabilities of the physically destroyed but legally still-existing WTC leasehold, but were instead used to hire lobbyists in Albany and Washington. GMACCM and Silverstein Properties reached a compromise and stipulation in April 2002. .

In December 2002 Chubb Group named former General Motors Executive Vice President John Finnegan as Chubb’s Chief Executive Officer. Finnegan became Chairman of the Chubb Group Board of Directors in December 2003. Finnegan served as Vice President and Group Executive of General Motors as well as President of GMAC from November 1997 to April 1999.

At its May 12 2003 shareholder meeting in Geneva Swiss Re elected former General Motors Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John F. ‘Jack’ Smith to the Swiss Re Board of Directors.

GMACCM again sued Silverstein Properties and also sued the PANY&NJ on September 5, 2003, alleging the proceeds of insurance payments were not being retained sufficiently to ensure the payments owed to GMACCM would be repaid.

In late November 2003, Silverstein Properties, GMACCM and various parties reached agreements which would pay off GMACCM and its bondholders by year end besides returning nearly all of Silverstein Properties’ initial equity investment.


Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin presided over a September 13, 2001 confirmation Hearing of Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Richard Myers’s nomination to become Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Besides being Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, on September 11 General Myers was also Acting Chairman due to Chairman Shelton’s overseas travel departure that morning.
Armed Services Committee Chairman Levin seemed to shield General Myers from answering the first probing 9/11 questions by interrupting Senator Nelson during Myers' Sept. 13 Armed Services Committee Hearing.

Richard Myers was commander of NORAD from August, 1998 to February, 2000 before becoming Vice Chairman of JCS. Myers and NORAD have given a variety of conflicting accounts of the 9/11 events:


Richard Convertino was a federal prosecutor in the Detroit U.S. Attorney’s Office. Convertino was the lead Assistant U.S. Attorney in the "Detroit Sleeper Cell" prosecutions which resulted in the Nation’s first post 9/11 terrorism convictions. However, the U.S. Department of Justice subsequently removed Convertino from the case and asked courts to dismiss those convictions, on the grounds that Convertino had failed to disclose exculpatory evidence to which the defense was entitled. Deputy Attorney General James Comey made an unusual public apology in Detroit for Convertino’s conduct and the Department of Justice’s prosecution of the matter.
Former AUSA Convertino was indicted by Federal Grand Jury with conspiracy to conceal possibly exculpatory evidence from the defense and lying to a Federal Judge. Harry Smith III, formerly a U.S. Department of State investigator who had testified in the terrorism case prosecuted by Convertino, was allegedly part of the conspiracy.

A jury in Detroit acquitted Convertino and Smith on October 31, 2007.


Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (also known as Umar Abdul Mutallab ), popularly referred to as the "Underwear Bomber", is a Nigerian man who at the age of 23 confessed to and was convicted in Detroit of attempting to detonate plastic explosives hidden in his underwear while on board Northwest Airlines Flight 253, en route from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day, December 25, 2009

Earlier on Christmas Day 2009, Abdulmutallab had traveled from Ghana to Amsterdam, where he boarded Northwest Airlines Flight 253 en route to Detroit. He had a Nigerian passport and valid U.S. tourist visa, and purchased his ticket with cash in Ghana on December 16.

Flight 253 passengers Kurt and Lori Haskell told the Detroit News that prior to boarding the plane they witnessed a "smartly dressed man" possibly of Indian descent, around 50 years old, and who spoke "in an American accent similar to my own" helping a passenger they identified as Abdulmutallab onto the plane without a passport, apparently posed as a Sudanese refugee.

The Haskell’s observations suggest the Underwear Bomber may have been placed on the plane by the Government itself. Kurt Haskell, an attorney, also reports other irregularities including the arrest at Detroit Metro Airport of a second man although no second man has ever been charged as an accomplice.


The false flag Federal prosecution of the Hutaree Militia involved Detroit FBI placement of a paid informant within the group who then provided material support and encouragement to group members to commit violent anti-government acts.
The Detroit FBI’s paid confidential informant wound up exposing his own personal troubles during the Hutaree trial. The FBI’s paid informant was cross examined about a shooting incident involving himself and his wife, a knifing incident in which he stabbed himself in the gut with a 14-inch knife and initially blamed his wife, his battle with alcohol abuse, and his failure to pay taxes on the $30,000 he earned as an FBI informant spying on the Hutaree.
In a sharp rebuke, U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts on March 27, 2012, acquitted the seven members of the Lenawee County Hutaree Militia group of plotting to overthrow the U.S. government with weapons of mass destruction. Judge Roberts said federal prosecutors failed in five weeks of trial to prove that the Hutaree had any specific plan to kill a police officer and attack law enforcement personnel.
LEVIN - McCAIN sponsored National Defense Authorization Act of 2012

Section 1021 of the NDAA bill of 2012 allowed for the "indefinite detention of American citizens without due process at the discretion of the President." Section 1021 has been challenged as a violation of constitutional principles and the United States Bill of Rights. The indefinite detention clause has been broadly denounced nationally and internationally. It may very well be the only thing that has true bi-partisan support. The Act was strongly opposed by the ACLU, Amnesty International, Human Rights First, Human Rights Watch, and The Center for Constitutional Rights, the Cato Institute, Reason Magazine and The Council on American-Islamic Relations. It was criticized in editorials published in The New York Times, Al-Jazeera, and The Guardian


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