Sunday, July 26, 2015

Flat earth debate

The notion that the earth is flat is making a comeback via  Facebook and Youtube. No disrespect to the believers  but my feeling is it's a sophisticated disinfo campaign however everything should be questioned and the flat earth believers do a great job of going after NASA

Randy Maugans has been researching  the subject and here are some of his thoughts.

FLAT EARTH....I have taken a long, hard look at the viral "flat earthers" and found them wanting for the most part. First, Eric Dubay: he seems to be the darling of flat earth's because he produced a book he sell on Amazon. I purchased his book to find out that NONE of his research was original, that hedgiest composted older, public domain writings (which were fed to him) and plundered The Wizard Math Powerland a/k/a TheNASAChannel on YouTube. When invited to appear on my show, he tersely replied: "I'm too busy, Randy"....promptly un-friended me...THEN went out and opened his yap on a channel/show that was 1/3 of my audience---and made a complete dick of himself in the process. WHY? Because he likely has researched me, and knows his lack of scholarship and dependence on his woo-woo New Age/Existentialist/anarchist philosophy and Jew-bashingwould get call out.
Mark Sargent: Smells like a plant to me. Leans on this "holographic" illusion that "nothing is real" why bother? Sargent's particular schtick is is to hone his presentation for the conference circuit, so he can do a Richard Dolan career of one note samba presentations and drink in exotic locations for free.
Dubay and Sargent are now busy taking each other out...classic intelligence community action. Matt Boylan (more below) is trying to take both of them out...
Matt Boylan ( TheWiizardMathPowerland), seems to be the most credible and consistent in his message, proofs, and overall philosophy. He say he worked at NASA doing those hyper-realistic "space" graphics that NASA uses in place of actual photos. He is certifiably an artist as you can see on his videos...HOW do we prove he was with NASA? Dunno.
I will talk more about this as I reach my own conclusions. I DO think the "ball earth"/heliocentric model is a contrivance just based on the dubious science of the gravity models (Newton has been disproved several times now), and observationally, that there appears to be no curvature based on "their" own models...BUT, I have never, physically, been more than 5 miles above Earth. The best model, in my mind is the one based on the Norse World Tree and various Sufi models for which there are some extant maps. I think "flat" is a poor representation and a stumbling block to any alternative thinking. Seeing a LOT of bad thinking in this space.
This world is NOT as we have been told, no doubt. WHAT it is is obscured, as we, the inhabitants have been placed in a quarantine for millennia, and the only "explorers" are the psychopathic controllers who have pillaged and looted this world for centuries. Everything is know-able...I'd like to have more proof than just remote viewing---and I don't trust these obvious phonies on the net.For now, I will watch what Matt at NASAChannel does, and hope we can find