Sunday, April 24, 2011

On The Other Hand. . .

Two things. first, this note from Victor Thorn to Vyz regarding Dr. Wood's practice of charging for review copies of her book:


Today, somebody sent me an e-mail re: Judy Wood's new 9-11 book. I didn't even know that she had one out, but I contacted her "people" and requested a review copy, and also possibly an interview.

Get this - they wanted me to SPEND $40.00 to BUY the book so that I could then review it.

$40.00 !!!!!!!

Can you fucking believe it ?????

I was polite the entire time with them, and said that of the hundreds of interviews and/or reviews that I've done over the years, not once has somebody actually told me to BUY their book.


And there's this brief rebuttal by Vyz to the email response posted earlier:

Wood has no presence. She’s as hard to listen to as Sarah Palid—er, Palin. Please—I beg you—stop scratching your nails down the chalkboard. The combination of her with Fetzer was too much for anyone who likes to digest solid food. Unlike Fetzer, though, Judy is not an ass clown, just hangs out with them.

Wood will win no one over to the truth of 9-11 out there in the great unwashed masses. Not with her presentation. She’s better off read than heard and seen. Not her fault, but that is the way it is. The fact that she is also being touted by Hoagland, a major handler for Spook Central, is not a good sign.

But back to Wood and her theory: I must admit I’ve had enough of what might have happened to the towers. There’s a much better success ratio with proving it didn’t happen the way the government said it did. After several years of the arguments over exotic weaponry, blah, blah, blah, it’s just all turning to noise and, to me, it’s kind of turning a very catastrophic event into a food fight. Herb’s right: Dave the Blimp has it down the best.

The deal with Coast to Coast is just flat out bad business. Georgie Boy and Iam Pundit and Hoagie are major disinfo units. That’s why Alexander the Jones, Quayle, Ventura and others who pop up there are not clean. And, by the way, when did Ventura get hip to 9-11 and conspiracies? Where was he 10 years ago? Once WWF, always WWF.

Friday, April 22, 2011

In Defense of Dr. Judy Wood

A listener to the Top Ten Smackdown With Jeff Long and Vyz wrote yesterday with an eloquent, well-reasoned response to our program, particularly focusing on what was said regarding Dr. Judy Wood. In the spirit of fairness, I am reposting the whole email here for your consideration.

I enjoyed the free wheeling discussion you had with Jeff Long and Vyz the other day (4/14/11) with the Top Ten Smackdown. Discerning observers (like most Vyz listeners and guests) have come to understand that the world is populated by media operatives, disinfo agents, greedy hucksters, flakes and whack jobs. So--it was very interesting to hear some of the back story and historical perspective from you guys about the managed breakdown / meltdown / hopeless muddle of the 911 “truth” and PAYtriot movements and of the controlling voices and personalities involved.

When all is said and done, what really happened on 9/11/01 still eludes us all. And I agree with you that nobody will ever be held accountable for this crime. Although we don’t know exactly what happened, or exactly who did it, there are a few things we can confidently say did NOT happen—such as the official government fairy tale. And we can definitely speculate based upon the best research—as to what DID happen. For example—the investigative research of Craig Ranke and Aldo Marquis sheds a lot of light on the events at the Pentagon. I find their evidence of a fly-over to be quite compelling.

Similarly, for the events at the WTC I have followed the work of Dr. Wood for several years—mostly from her website, but more recently in reading her new book (Where did the Towers Go?), and find in her technical breakdown a lot of reasons why the popular WTC controlled demolition theories -- thermite, mini-nukes, etc, --are also not viable explanations. In addition, the evidence of the use of directed free energy technology Wood offers is interesting and compelling. Not a slam-dunk—but worth looking at, IMO.

I know you guys are not enamored of Wood, her presentation or her work, and I am not challenging you. It’s hard to know who’s who and what is going on anymore. You may be correct that she is putting out disinfo, knowingly or unknowingly. True, she isn’t a polished public speaker and yes she is skeptical that commercial passenger jets were used in the attacks on the trade centers. And she also did have early association with Morgan Reynolds and Jim Fetzer.

But--if you look at the way Wood has been mocked and vilified and her work managed, marginalized, mischaracterized (space beams) or ignored by the major 911 “truth” movement personalities, and also look at the fact that she is the only one of these guys who has put her money where her mouth is (with Request for Correction, Qui-Tam case, new book) it makes you wonder. Plus it definitely looks as if she was “handled” by Fetzer. Like Ranke’s information, Wood’s info is pretty much banned from major 9/11 sites. Finally—I have yet to find anybody taking her information apart point by point on technical grounds. It’s usually a non-technical dismissal: coma, Reynolds association, Fetzer association, Blacksburg VA association, deer in the headlights presentation, etc. Why not address the actual evidence?

So--long story short—-I am wondering if we are not throwing the baby out with the bath water here when it comes to Wood. Is it possible that her DEW information is pretty solid, and that explains why she was targeted by the likes of Fetzer et al? Could the demise of her info be part of just another plan to throw us off? An op to put the truth out there, then discredit the hell out of it? Or maybe it’s me who is missing something? I dunno. Your (polite) comments are welcomed.

On another completely weird note—I see that Wood’s work is now being heavily promoted by Richard Hoagland— first during his recent presentation at the Secret Space Program conference in Amsterdam, and then also on C2C with Noory and Jesse Ventura. This is an astonishing development on many levels, not the least of which is the sudden promotion of her work by gatekeepers of the PTB. What it means? I don't know yet....

Anyway—thanks again for a great discussion.


Apparently, the Klan wishes to disassociate itself from Koran-burning pastors, the Westboro Baptist Church, and the excesses of the Tea Party. Seriously. I did check The Onion and this is not one of theirs. And it's way past April First. (More from Wonkette.)

Meanwhile, 9/11 first responders are being screened by the FBI as terrorists. Who says it's not the Bizarro World?

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Last Wednesday I took a wrong turn down Memory Lane with Jeff Long (of the Rock Creek Free Press) and Vyzygoth on Vyz's Think Or Be Eaten program. We spent over two hours discussing our top ten least-loved figures in the 9/11 Truth arena with due dispatch.

Listen to or download this program here: PART ONE and PART TWO.

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