Friday, October 27, 2006

Thoughts on Autumn in America by Andy Senior

The more I consider the what the Sacred Franchise of Suffrage actually grants us, the more it seems like a choice between flavors of Kool-Aid at Jonestown. Here ignorance is bliss (and denial is Valhalla) but the prospect of lying to myself provokes nearly as nauseous a feeling as the candidates we are given to vote for. Every race above that of Village Dogcatcher is rigged, fixed, and fixed again so that there is absolutely no danger that we may elect someone who has our best interests at heart or who might actually make a real difference.

At the top we have Hillary Clinton, who has proven to an avid warhawk and represents everything the "other" side stands for. The proof of that is, in the little Pro-Wrestling pre-game known as political punditry, she is slammed as a "liberal" while the GOP elite have not attempted to run anyone worth mentioning against her. Yet to say so is being "disloyal" to the Democratic [sic] Party, and even people who really should know better shout "Treason!" and rush to her defense. In one of the more disquieting aspects of the 9/11 Truth effort, Professor James H. Fetzer has all but vowed to take a bullet for her. (If things proceed along the current trajectory, he may very well end up doing so.) Hillary is so obviously being groomed for 2008 as part of the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton continuum. Despite Rush Limbaugh's pharmaceutically-induced frothings, this has already been ordained by the upper eschelon.

Gubernatorial candidate Eliot Spitzer seems better than Hillary, but as New York Attorney General he has been given the details in the case of September 11, 2001 and has not moved to investigate further. Much less evidence than exists regarding the self-inflicted nature of the World Trade Center bombings has sent many people to prison for other crimes. I suppose a legal pit bull like Spitzer would be all over this but for the ambition leading him to the greater glory of the Governor's Mansion.

Our local congressional district race fills me with more chagrin. For the first time in 24 years, the seat is open and the ostensible Democrats have a chance to take it. The "other" side boasts Ray Meier, a candidate who has been duly anointed by Dick Cheney and Bush's robot wife. His opponent, our District Attorney Michael Arcuri, is a dapper centrist (assuming the center to be on the right shoulder of the road) who refuses to give interviews to those who might actually ask him a probing question. He has stated publicly that he supports HR 6166 (the vile Military Commissions Act which gives the government the go-ahead to torture suspects, and revokes habeas corpus) because "it's important to protect American soldiers." What about protecting American citizens from their own government?

Yet his supporters are flummoxed into believing him a "liberal." In a particularly disgraceful episode my own sister-in-law wrote in today's Utica Observer-Dispatch:

"I now know why I want Michael Arcuri to represent me in Congress. It is important that we get someone in Washington who is going to protect our constitutional rights from President Bush.

"President Bush signed an anti-terrorism law that could take away our right to protest against him. I could protest the war and be charged as a military combatant, and sit in jail with no rights to an attorney or a trial. To me that is very scary.

"President Bush is slowly taking away our constitutional right of free speech."

(I had already written her of Arcuri's stance on HR 6166, so I can only hope that she submitted the letter beforehand. I don't mind thinking her a fool, but I am not ready to brand her a liar.)

The candidate we could have had, Les Roberts, is an epidemiologist involved in the first Lancet study determining that over 100,000 Iraqis had been killed as a result of our unprovoked war. Obviously, aside from the fact that voters grazing in the hinterlands of the 24th Congressional District would have reviled him as a Libby Lib Lib who values live Iraqis over God's Precious Frozen Blastocysts, the upper eschelon couldn't risk the possibility of having a truth-teller win the seat. Beautiful but dumb (with a scintilla of Fascism) is their ideal.

It's obvious from all this that the genial fiction of Democracy is collapsing in a big way. Shall the people revolt, and "take back their country?" Good luck. A general strike might have some effect, but Americans are such television-hypnotized sheep that they would equate "strike" with "unions" and we know all about them unions. Since the media is a de facto arm of the government, expect no sympathy for those in revolt. Why, they're Terrorists!

The only solution I can see to this state of affairs is individual autonomy--an intellectual and ethical self-sufficiency which I would call Anarchy for One. It simply calls for building one's inner resources of health, strength, and mental resolve so that "they" have no power--so that, having removed oneself from contact with presumed authority wherever and whenever possible, on those occasions that contact with the state is forced it will have as little effect as possible. Some will find this through faith in God, and others through sheer force of will, but it is our last and best defense against all bullies.

This requires that we stop feeding ourselves garbage, intellectually and physically. No more broadcast television, and radio only from the most reliable (non-corporate) truth-tellers. Everything we see and hear and read is potentially propaganda, so we must constantly monitor what it is saying and our reactions to it. We shouldn't expose ourselves to ostensibly factual programming (including PBS or anything else with a corporate foundation grant) that provokes an emotional, knee-jerk response--unless we have mentally trained ourselves to observe it without being swamped by its manipulations. And we should avoid all food that is convenient, if possible. Processed or fast food will not sustain us in our resolve.

If things are going to get worse in what was once America, we have to be in a place where "they" can't touch us--and even if they kill us, they still can't touch us.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Here is what "protective" measures like H.R. 6166 can lead to.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I have just composed and sent Victor Thorn a reply to his essay The Cancer: A Response. Why it should be so wearying trying to defend my right not to hate anyone, I don't know. Perhaps because it shouldn't be necessary at all.


Thanks for taking the time to respond at length to my letter. I see also
that you made your response the WING-TV essay du jour, and so I have posted
a link to your response, along with my original message to you, at our
website, Uticans for 9/11 Truth.

I think you're being disingenuous on the matter of hatred. If hatred wasn't
what you were expressing, does that mean that you love the Jews? That you
feel indifferent to them? Now, I'm not talking about the State of Israel or
the Zionists, who have much to answer for. In 9-11 Evil you were right to
cite their institutional or organizational wrongdoing. Every time I hear
the name "Rachel Corrie" or consider the plight of the Palestinians I feel
ill. But you slam Kevin Barrett as an "apologist" when he dares to suggest
that Jews of his acquaintence might be decent people. If that's not
hatred, it'll do until the real thing comes along.

[By the way, the expression is "NAMBY-pamby" derived from the name of poet
Ambrose Philips (1674-1749) who was given to writing verse of a sickly-sweet
nature in praise of childhood. I thought that you, as an author and
publisher, might appreciate knowing the correct phrase.]

Aside from the fact that you're the first person ever to imply that I'm
Politically Correct in any way, I have to say that your assessment of the
hatred coming from the run-of-the-mill Jewry is overwrought. "All Jews hate
anyone who isn't Jewish." Does that include the Jews who went down South
trying to get civil rights for the blacks and got killed for their pains?
Does that include the Jews who have brought joy to millions through music,
acting, literature, and comedy? Did you ever laugh at a Marx Brothers
movie? They weren't Episcopalians, yet they were funny as hell--no
Political Correctness there.

I'm not doing "nothing," and in fact it doesn't bother me that certain rabid
types might call me an anti-Semite for conceding (as I have in my Amazon
review of 9-11 Evil
) that you raise certain valid points regarding Israel's
complicity in the events of 9/11. I've been called names my whole life, and
I don't answer to any of them. Where I think you're wrong is in saying that
the "perverted teachings of Judaism" (i.e., the Talmud) has warped every Jew
into a sociopathic pretzel. How many Jews actually know and follow the
Talmud? How many Christians know all the freaky stuff that's in the Bible?
I'd say that most Catholics don't know it at all. Yet I'll venture to say
that knowledge of the Bible among believers is much more common than any
knowledge of the Talmud, which is more esoteric, among Jews. Jews know the
Torah, perhaps, but not so much the other. But supposing you're right. . .

So this is "war" with the Jews, is it? Then how do we fight it? "Don't
fire until you see the hooks of their noses?" Many have already had their
noses fixed. So how do we tell them apart from us? Will it be that
telltale whiff of gefilte fish? A stray crumb from a Kosher macaroon? Or
will it be the indefinable air of superiority of the Chosen? Name tags
would be a big help.

Seriously, I can't buy it. Not because I'm intoxicated by mainstream media.
I don't watch television. Our local newspaper is for the dog to urinate on.
Nor do I much get into the Amy and Noam Show. WING-TV is actually one of
the few things I've followed (and I have linked you to our site) owing to
your fine work on the WTC and Shanksville. If I imbibe other media at all,
it's generally pre-1940 music, old-time radio, and classic movies. So, I'm
about as far out of the "Matrix" as you can get. And I'm still not buying
it. So if I'm getting disinfo, I'm getting it either from you or from
Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra. (Or maybe it's those rascally Marx
Brothers, at that.)

I'm not paranoid enough to sit home cleaning my guns waiting for Shylock and
Barabas (or Sheldon and Irving) to break in to ravish my wife and steal my
piano. First of all, my wife is descended from Eleanor of Aquitaine and
teaches middle school. She can take care of herself. Second of all, it
just ain't gonna happen, metaphorically or otherwise.

The Israeli/Zionist juggernaut does wield considerable power, but it isn't
the only player in this scrimmage. Why is it all the Jewish studio heads
fell into submission in 1934 at the behest of the Vatican? The Breen Office
ruled Hollywood, and dictated content, for 20 years--and Joe Breen was one
nasty mother superior. And the Freemasons are not to been lightly brushed
aside--I've talked to people who've had their lives ruined by falling afoul
of the Masons. And the Saudis own how much of this country? And the
Chinese own how much?

If our way of life is at stake, it isn't the Jew World Order that's
threatening us. "Going after the Jews" is just another quick-fix, feel-good
response for those who can't fathom the true complexity of the world's power
structure. (Or is that just what THEY would want me to think?)

Egad! I've spent enough time in this particular rabbit hole tonight.
Suddenly, I desire nothing more than to watch "Duck Soup"
again--particularly the scene where Chico Marx says, "Who are you gonna
believe--me, or your own eyes?" Words to live by.


Andy Senior

Tuesday, October 17, 2006



Our column/TV show yesterday had nothing to do with hatred - it was done for one reason: our government and society is being overtaken by a force that doesn't have our best interests in mind. Rather, it is promoting an Agenda that is solely for their benefit. This has been happening for decades now, and little has been done to stop it. Should we continue to mamby-pamby this subject, or hit the bull between the eyes?

This is a SERIOUS problem that involves the very survival of our country and our way of life. Should we just throw rose-petals at the problem, or tip-toe around in a state of political correctness? They're DESTROYING us via astronomical debt, wars, fake terrorism, and an overall sickness that permeates our body politic like a cancer to bone marrow. What is your solution? To ignore it.

Plus, you accuse some commentators of spewing "hatred," yet the people we're exposing absolutely and undeniably HATE us. Read their religious tracts. They refer to us as "goyim" --- human cattle ... animals. That's their opinion, and that's the status they've allotted us. In this same vein, they exhibit a superiority (i.e. the "Chosen People") that - at least in their minds - gives them the "right" to overtake and enslave us.

Does that settle well with you? If so, then rollover right now and play dead, because if you continue doing nothing, all that America was built upon and made it great will cease to exist. Sure, our nation has made countless egregious mistakes in the past, but its form of government (at least in theory) is the greatest ever created. Yet in the last 50+ years, a tiny fabricated nation in the Middle East that we helped to create via WWII has been infiltrating, strong-arming, and betraying us with wild abandon and increased arrogance. Look at Ariel Sharon's quote about how Israel controls the American people, and "we know it!" How about Israel's deliberate, bloodthirsty assault on the USS Liberty in 1967, or their central role in the 9-11 terrorist attacks (not to mention their numerous spy scandals, etc). Should we simply overlook such sickness? If that's your choice, then so be it; but I'm not keeping my mouth shut any longer. These are psychopathic monsters we're dealing with, and the finger of blame must be pointed at two entities: the perverted teachings of Judaism, and the government of Israel.

From my perspective, you're doing exactly and precisely what our enemies want you to do, and that is NOTHING. Due to their overt propaganda and threats of "anti-semitism," they've created a climate where everyone is afraid to lay blame and fight against those who are killing us. Is that how you would treat a cancer ... by simply ignoring it, or getting over-the-counter medications that are obviously ineffective?

In war, people must fight. If they don't, they lose. It's that simple. Read any book on military strategy and you'll see this statement is true.

The monsters we're exposing now control our Congress, foreign policy, White House, banks, mainstream media (and alternative media to a large extent), and big business. They suckered us into the disastrous Iraqi War, and Scott Ritter has recently stated that Israel is the country luring us into a potential war with Iran (complete with nukes and mass destruction).

Isn't that enough for you? What will it take to put a fire under your ass and fight the enemy? Maybe a staged suitcase dirty bomb in your own neighborhood that kills thousands of people, and sickens countless others (like the contamination at Ground Zero that is debilitating untold heroes that cleaned-up after an act of state-sponsored terrorism that was orchestrated by Israel-first neo-cons and the nation of Israel).

The writing is clearly on the wall, yet you still want to be an apologist for the forces that are trying to quiet the truth-tellers. Even your terminology is directly from their mind-control playbook.

Can't you see? Those who are exposing Israel's crimes aren't "haters" ... they're the last vestige of hope we have to de-fang this grotesque beast that is intent on undermining and sabotaging the United States of America (and the world at large).

You need to read your history books (the real ones), and open your eyes to reality. A Matrix of control has been created to subdue you and silence your voice. And believe me, this tactic isn't accidental. Rather, it has been meticulously planned and implemented by those who very forces we are decrying ... yet you accept the Matrix, like the automatons in George Orwell's 1984.

Why? If somebody broke into your house and raped your wife, killed your children, and stole all your possessions; what would you do? Nothing, or fight back? The same applies to the CANCER I wrote about yesterday. They're the savage beast that starts wars, robs us via usury, and attacks us to create unending chaos and fear (9-11).

It's time for people to not only expose these bastards, but to start fighting back. So many want to place blame on shadowy entities like the "New World Order," "globalists," and "Illuminati," ... but this is merely another tried-and-true tactic of those in the protection racket to divert attention away from the real culprits.

I guess the ultimate question is: are you going to continue falling for this blatant disinformation, or face reality and spread the truth about our situation? After all, there's not all that much at stake ... only the survival of our country, and our way of life.

Best wishes, and thanx for writing,

Victor Thorn


Yesterday, WING TV produced a program on removing the "cancer" from the 9/11 Truth effort, with special reference to the appearance of John Kaminski on Jim Fetzer's radio show (guest hosted by Kevin Barrett) on October 14. I heard the original broadcast, and voiced my opinion on the Barrett interview, the tone taken in WING's response, and the increasing tendency of WING-TV to play "Pin the Blame on the Hebrew." Both Victor and Lisa responded with alacrity, and at length, to my letter, and Victor posted his reply to my letter as a WING article, The Cancer: A Response.

I had not intended posting my original letter to WING, but do so here only to have my view represented fully, and in context. What I have here stated does not represent a consensus between me and any other member of this forum, but is my own opinion entirely:

Dear Victor and Lisa,

I have great respect for your work in bringing about the acceptance of the controlled demolition of the WTC buildings as the standard explanation, as well as for your efforts in exposing what really occurred in Shanksville, PA. I've long admired your fierce sincerity in fighting the controlled media and the left gatekeepers to get the word out that 9/11 was indeed a self-inflicted wound.

I've felt lately though that WING-TV has come too much under the sway of mean little bigots like John Kaminski. I heard the Kevin Barrett interview, and I'm afraid I share his distaste for wholesale slander of an entire ethnic/religious group. Kaminski was polite and didn't shout, but I found his statements sick-making. (They reminded me of a CD I have of Nazi propaganda recordings featuring twisted parodies of American popular songs. I can't listen to more than a few tracks at a time. The recordings are palpably evil.)

Kevin Barrett said that he wished that Israel had never been established. That should be enough to satisfy any questions about his opinions on Zionism. He ended the interview not because he's some sort of Zionist tool or Crypto-Jew, but because he is a sensitive person and felt genuine revulsion at hearing such talk. He is intelligent enough to see that Kaminski's Hegelian Dialectic (you're either with us or with the Jews) is invalid.

Nor is it evidence of a Globalist agenda to reject jingoistic nationalism. (There's Mr. Hegel!) Just because we have an understanding that, as human beings, we're all in this together doesn't mean we hanker for a New World Order. Quite the reverse.

I'd have to say your "cancer" metaphor was clumsy, inaccurate, and somewhat offensive. My mother died of multiple cancers on November 18, 2004 after struggling for five years to live. It wasn't a "Jewish" cancer. I can't equate a human being, no matter how nasty, with that disease. (And I certainly wouldn't characterize a whole race of people as such.) All human beings are theoretically capable of redeeming themselves or of finding redemption through grace. (I'm not religious, but I won't dismiss it out of hand.) To suggest that certain people can't be redeemed leads to the assertion that they should be "cut out." Now we're back to Hitler again.

The true Globalist agenda is this: the elites of all nations are basically buddies--Jew, Arab, Christian, Communist, Capitalist, what have you. All conflicts are essentially intramural--they set us as each other's throats not merely for the sick entertainment value it affords them, but because when things get really dicey they'll feel justified in stepping in to impose their One World dictatorship. Anyone who engages in such jingoistic, ethnic, religious, or racial roughhousing is playing into their hands. (Watch H.G.Wells' "Things to Come" and you'll get a sense of it--there's a rough blueprint, courtesy of the Fabian Socialists.)

If there is a "cancer" to be extirpated from our world at large, it isn't any one race of people but the irrational hatred of the Other that drives us ever closer to slavery and ruin. Bigots like Kaminski are carriers of this malignant virus. Fortunately, there's a cure--just stop hating.

You'll disagree with what I've said, and perhaps even sneer at it. So be it. I felt it had to be stated. I wish you peace.

Andy Senior


According to the latest Angus Reid New York Times/CBS poll most Americans can clearly smell a rat with regard to the 9/11 Official Story. Only 16 percent are sticking their fingers in their ears and singing "The Star Spangled Banner" to drown out the truth. 53 percent feel that there is somewhat of a cover-up, while 28 percent are on board with 9/11 Truth and their names are being taken down by the NSA for future reference. Three percent are still considering switching to another beverage, which is encouraging.

Here's how the question was asked, with results:

Polling Data

When it comes to what they knew prior to September 11th, 2001, about possible terrorist attacks against the United States, do you think members of the Bush Administration are telling the truth, are mostly telling the truth but hiding something, or are they mostly lying?

Oct. 2006
May 2002

Telling the truth

Hiding something

Mostly lying

Not sure

Source: The New York Times / CBS News
Methodology: Telephone interviews with 983 American adults, conducted from Oct. 5 to Oct. 8, 2006. Margin of error is 4 per cent.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Our Friend Brendan Dunn Needs Legal Support!

I just received the following email from Brendan Dunn, a tireless activist and organizer of the anti-war conference where Herb Smith gave his debut 9/11 presentation this past winter.

Hi all,

Any help at all from any of you would be really great. I was targeted with
two of my comrades for our political beliefs because our flag, according
to the cop, was "a symbol of violence" and is generally used "to waive
around to incite people to do violent things". Luckily I have witnesses,
photographic and video evidence to prove my innocence of assaulting the
police (which I may be charged with).

Other than that, things are fine with me. I feel more committed than ever
before to help prisoners, political and otherwise, in our country. I know
some of you have spent time already - hopefully, I won't have to.

Struggle on,


On October 5th, 2005, a small contingent of Students for a Democratic
Society (SDS) and anti-capitalists converged at the World Can’t Wait rally
in Seattle, Washington at Cal Anderson Park. The group planned to attend
the rally then leave to hold workshops and skill shares with their peers.
While sitting in the park sharing a melon before the rally, a cop on a
bike approached the group and seized their red and black
anarcho-syndicalist flag. Matthew Hyra of the Seattle Police Departmend
began to walk away from the crowd telling the person who had been holding
the flag that if he wanted it back he would have to follow him, alone. At
that time everyone who was in the area stood up and followed Hyra,
demanding to know why he had taken the flag, abridging their right to free

As this happened, Hyra targeted an individual who was copwatching and
arrested him and two of his comrades. The three were booked and processed
in the King County Jail. Two of the arrested were charged with obstruction
of (in)justice and resisting arrest. The third arrested was initially
charged with obstruction, which later evolved into an investigation of
assault of an officer. The first two were released on bail at 1:00am
Friday morning and the third was released on bail at 10:00pm Friday after
an earlier appearance before a judge.

Comrades of the arrestees, the “Flag Three”, already spent hundreds of
dollars in bail expenses. The Flag Three now need support to not only
reimburse their comrades but to secure consul and future legal expenses.

The Flag Three are all active members of Olympia SDS and are also involved
in media activism, Latin American solidarity, the anti-war movement and
labor organizing. They also helped organize protests around the
militarization of the Port of Olympia in May. Two of them are still facing
charges from those actions.

Solidarity and support is needed! You can help out by organizing a benefit
concert, house party, fundraiser, or by donating directly to The Flag 3
Legal Defense Fund. This case is a serious violation of free speech and
the First Amendment and has implications far beyond the Flag Three.

To contact legal support, email:

Or make checks payable to the Flag 3 Legal Defense Fund and mail them to:
Flag 3 Legal Defense Fund
910 4th Ave East
Olympia, WA 98506