Monday, April 20, 2015

Boston Marathon Bombing Marathon

Dave McGowan goes the distance on the alleged bombing.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Off Planet Radio Interview

We don't put up much on 9/11 theses days because there are not that many in the alternative media we trust but Randy Maugans is an exception. Here he interviews flight attendant Rebekah Roth on her book  Methodical Illusion,  a novel that addresses the problems with the hijacker scenario. Worth a listen.

Friday, April 03, 2015

Nuclear Weapons Don't Exist

Documentary by Edmund Matthews. It would make a lot of sense given it's all about keeping us in fear and certainly those drills in school accomplished nothing but putting the fear of nuclear destruction in our receptive little skulls.  Here's a comment about the science of nuclear weapons in regards to another poster stating that if weapons are a hoax then so are nuclear reactors.

Incorrect. Nuclear reactors work. Nuclear bombs are a hoax because the notion of "critical mass" or an exponentially growing fission reaction is not achievable. If you know your nukes then you would observe that little boy supposedly worked merely by colliding two sub-critical masses of U-235 together. In other words, the propaganda is suggesting that merely by having a certain mass of U-235 in one place will spontaneously create an uncontrolled explosion. This is false and as evidence you can witness the Fukushima meltdowns where massive piles of fissile material still react to this day but obviously have not resulted in any huge nuclear explosions. The other false premise, as seen in Fat Boy using Pu-239, is that by compressing a sub-critical mass using perfectly timed implosion you can reduce the distance between nuclei and achieve an exponential fission reaction. This is nonsense since as you may or may not have been taught in school; metal is nearly impossible to compress due to the extreme electromagnetic repulsion of electrons and protons. And as also stated in the video; the first testing of the trigger device failed to simultaneously trigger all lenses in the same instant. Even if it could trigger instantaneously, it still would not compress solid plutonium much more than a fraction of a micrometer.
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Note: Another post from PrimalRedemption that was deleted by youtube.


Atomic bombs are a complete hoax, therefore any question of
their morality is a non-sequitur.

The huge mushroom cloud you see is the
carbonized residue of hundreds if not thousands of tons of Trinitrotoluene
which has a chemical structure of C6H2(NO2)3CH. As with all forms of combustion
and the resulting carbonized residue left over, a hydrocarbon is required to
react with atmospheric oxygen. The distinct lack of oxygen in the immediate
atmosphere to instantaneously react with such a large quantity of TnT is the
prime reason so much dark smoke rises so high and burns for so long. This
process is similar to the black smoke from a propane kitchen stove with the air
vent closed or the heavy exhaust from generators with choke on.

Atomic fission releases energy primarily in the form of pure
heat, without any residue. Because of this fact, many conspiracy nuts (who
believe in the existence of such a 'weapon' merely on the premise of television
and newspapers) have turned to the faulty logic that all the
"impurities" in the atmosphere and surrounding area are the cause of
the black smoke. This is an unfounded and rather weak argument since these
explosions have been done in barren deserts without very much carbon or organic
compounds to begin with. One conspiracy nut went as far as to propose that the
paint coating on the bomb and electrical components were the cause of all the
smoke. l.o.l.

If you take lightning as an example, it heats the atmosphere
to 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit which is about 10 times hotter than the surface of
the sun. But you never see black smoke left in the sky afterwards do you? Heat
of such magnitude excites the air to the stage of plasma, thus illuminating the
sky. Plasma has a very distinct look and lighting effect. Thus if there were
such a thing as the atom bomb it would be a brief yet intense flash of heat
with a rather beautiful blue or purple glowing effect (from excited nitrogen).
What you see in these videos (taken questionably at night to enhance the
lightning effects of the TnT no doubt) are typically orange or yellow flashes.
These are the most obvious and immediate answers to your moral dilemma (and no
doubt the moral dilemma of many others as well). But there are indeed many more
facets that unfortunately need to be addressed because people have learned to
stop thinking for themselves a long, long time ago.
For instance, Hiroshima and Nagasaki has long been touted as
absolute evidence of an atomic explosion. After all, look at all the
destruction. But in fact, it looks exactly like Tokyo after it had been
firebombed. Major Alexander P. de Seversky said, after visiting Hiroshima in
1945, that:

"In Hiroshima I was prepared for radically different
sights. But, to my surprise, Hiroshima looked exactly like all the other
burned-out cities in Japan. It was obvious that the blast could not have been
so powerful as we had been led to believe. It was extensive blast rather than
I had heard of buildings instantly consumed by unprecedented
heat. Yet here I saw the buildings structurally intact, and what is more,
topped by undamaged flag poles, lightning rods, painted railings, air raid
precaution signs and other comparatively fragile objects.At the T-bridge, the
aiming point for the atomic bomb, I looked for the "bald spot" where
everything presumably had been vaporized in the twinkling of an eye. It wasn't
there or anywhere else. I could find no traces of unusual phenomena.

What I did see was in substance a replica of Yokohama or
Osaka, or the Tokyo suburbs - the familiar residue of an area of wood and brick
houses razed by uncontrollable fire. Everywhere I saw the trunks of charred and
leafless trees, burned and unburned chunks of wood. The fire had been intense
enough to bend and twist steel girders and to melt glass until it ran like lava
- just as in other Japanese cities..."
Of course the notion of human bodies "instantly
vaporizing" is absolute nonsense.
The photos of the mushroom cloud over ground zero also show
signs of tampering, namely the same fore-image with different backgrounds seen
in two different photos.

The flash burns and burn marks of clothes designs being
"imbedded" in people skin is a common effect of incendiary explosions.

As for Wilfred Burchett's sensational "Atomic
Plague", I am sure in the history of the world a journalist has never once
exaggerated in his entire life to become famous. Here it is an excellent time
to point out that the people of the world would believe that the United States
Government is capable of outright lying and covering up radioactive fallout and
yet somehow incapable of staging the entire hoax to begin with. Hypocrisy, or
laziness? It should be known that the locals originally thought that the bombs
dropped contained a poisonous gas. Burchett claimed it smelled something like
Sulphur but unlike anything he ever smelled. Sounds like a sensational
reference to Brimstone of the Bible. He then, after being exposed to this
concentrated Atomic Plague gas, went on to live a luxurious life for another 38
years. I smell something but it isn't sulphur.

So in conclusion, there is no moral issue surrounding
nuclear weapons because they simply don't exist. Hurray! This is great news for
everyone. You should be jumping up and down with joy. It has been a hoax used
to create fear and with that fear, control. Nothing more. The government lies.
People lie. It's obviously TNT being exploded.