Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The United States of America is a vast concentration camp in which the inmates labor under the delusion that they are free. They are held in place behind their invisible fences just as securely as if they were imprisoned by razor wire. Rather than being starved and worked to death under the watch of guards with rifles, they are fattened into passivity and hopelessness by corporate nutritionists and purveyors of cheap fatty food, and entertained to distraction from their sad lot by omnipresent and homogeneous media. When the issue of their sloth and obesity arises, they are ridiculed and blamed for their condition--thus keeping them down in their place. Their bad taste is mocked by the same media that feed their acquired craving for hollow, gaudy crap and bad food. As such, they are little more to blame for their state than the veal calf who is held fast within his pen and fattened for the market.

It is a triumph of social engineering that so many Americans are securely kept in the prison of their own indolence and self-hating obesity. While every other form of political correctness holds sway, picking on the fat is actively encouraged, and jokes about their supposed diseases (diabetes, etc.) are chuckled over by the same people who would be outraged at analogous remarks about cancer. The powers that be wink at all this--since it is in their interest to keep people depressed and sedentary within their living rooms, eating junk food and watching television.

Forget about fluoridation. Fat is the real control mechanism.