Monday, March 20, 2006

"Remembering September 11th 2001" by Dan Ernest

Long, but worth it. The original document may be viewed here.

You sat for hours on September 11th 2001 watching the events unfold. You watched the towers collapse into their own footprint; perfectly, symmetrically and totally. But something was odd. You could not put your finger on it but something was definitely strange about the whole attack. From the airplanes (or lack there of) to the late response of military fighter jets to the complete and total collapse looking much like a controlled demolition. However a few hours later the FBI had a good lead on the case then you heard the song, "Proud To Be An American" 30 or 40 times and everything began to make sense.

Still a bit puzzled on how the hijackers could plant bombs throughout both towers, it was quickly realized that all of the booms and bangs that were reported by those on the scene didn't actually happen. So you didn't have to worry about those cumbersome reports of explosions, bombs and detonating charges anymore.

You tried to forget that you really did not see an airplane at the pentagon however you saw the fire and smoke and you were told that a plane had crashed there.

You remember that some silly reporter was foolish enough to make a statement publicly saying that "no plane had crashed anywhere near the pentagon." Then there was that crater where flight 93 crashed straight into the ground at 500 miles per hour and damned if you could see any pieces of airplane there either. What was happening here?

There was a hole in the ground about 15 feet deep and 30 feet wide. There is smoke coming from the hole where the airplane crashed. Your common sense told you that for a legitimate airplane crash there must be an airplane. I mean you can not have a car crash without a car so it just figured that an airplane crashe would involve an airplane. Just one airplane would be enough to legitimize the airplane crash. To make matters worse there was that reporter again making the statement publicly that there were no pieces of airplane at the airplane crash site. Rats!

You knew that what ever happened on that flight was heroic. "Lets Roll" heard over a cell phone from 32,000 feet was a little easier to believe then another plane missing from an airplane crash site. Its a good thing we have such competent FBI agents otherwise these questions may have lingered around taking up a good portion of the common sense areas in our minds.

You wondered, why did those damned Arabs do this in the first place? What would cause these kamikaze Arabs to take their own life and the life’s of innocent Americans?

Well its a good thing the president knew cause I sure didn't have a clue, Furthermore, if I tried to guess I probably would have come up with a theory lacking substance befitting of the crime.

But the President was there with answers.

"America is the brightest beacon for freedom in the world".

"They hate America's freedom!"

There you see? A perfectly reasonable explanation. That’s why he's the president. Mystery solved.

Osama must be much happier with the United States now because we have done plenty about the freedom problem we were having over here. Who-da-thunk that all we had to do to stop middle eastern extremist from stealing our airplanes and knocking down our sky scrapers could be as simple as eavesdropping on Americans, reading their email, monitoring their phone calls and trumpeting into law that our President could attack any country that he felt was a terrorist threat or may some day become a terrorist threat or any country that may become a threat to United States interest anywhere in the world? You may believe it to be unconstitutional and the reason our forefathers created the constitution but you can't argue with the results. After all how many boogiemen have been seen carrying box cutters since the patriot act was hoodwinked into law?

Returning to the FBI agents, lets not forget about the job that the FBI did. Wow! Fast! unreal, I mean really unreal. Think about it; these FBI agents knew exactly which flight school(s) to investigate. Damn they are good. Indeed, at an almost eerie pace, photos of Osama Bin Laden were everywhere. Sometime late in the afternoon of September 11th another building nearly half the height of the twin towers fell to the ground. Though it was not hit by an airplane or had any significant fires in it, another explanation for its collapse was told to us by reporters.

"Because of the devastation earlier today World Trade Center Building number 7 collapsed."

There you see? Another perfectly reasonable explanation. Obviously the building was heart broken due to earlier events.

The President knew Osama had to be behind this attack because decades ago Osama attacked other Americans in other lands and not once did he fail to take the credit. Furthermore he hates Americas freedom. What more evidence do you need?

Can you imagine how awkward it must have been for Osama's brother? I mean for your own brother to have his minions stealing airplanes and joy riding in the North East Defense Corridor then messing up the landscape by knocking over buildings and much of this is being played out on live TV while your trying to enjoy omelets with the presidents dad. Osama's brother must have just been embarrassed at the spectacle. It's no wonder the Bin Laden family was flown out of the country while everyone else was grounded.

Osama denied and denounced the attacks of 911 but lets not get caught up in rhetoric regarding the fact that he has always claimed responsibility in the past. Indeed he tried to trick us by denying the attacks. Furthermore we said he did it and by God that means he did it!

As you watched in anger, you talked about what we should do when we caught Osama Bin Laden. You couldn't pass by a September eleventh collection fund without dropping at least a buck into the kitty.

The administration asked you to immediately support a war against terror and a war against the Taliban government. The President gave you a choice. Two choices as a matter of fact.

"Your either with us, or your with the terrorists."

Now I didn't need any help from the president on this choice, I just did what everyone else did, I accepted the only choice there was. We are with you Mr. President. Let's bomb-em!

The Taliban, (after muttering "Is it October already?") refused to extradite Osama bin Laden and all other Al-Qaeda leaders that were based in Afghanistan to the United States without evidence. However, the Taliban did agree to extradite to an Islamic country.

To my simple mind this seemed like a fair offering but again that's why I'm not the president.

The white house responded only like the white house can. No! Were not going to provide evidence when we can just come and bomb you. We may loose a few hundred maybe a thousand American soldiers and kill twenty or thirty thousand Muslims but asking a democratic country for evidence involving criminal activity is, well, well, we need to bomb you just for being so naive. Furthermore we have had troops there for months now waiting for the attacks err waiting to protect the world from evil terrorists. Occupation of strategic middle eastern countries is vitoil to the war on terroilism. We must spoil any terroilst campaigns before the evoil doilers step foot in America. Occupation is mandatoil.

In other words the Taliban had two choices either we were going to bomb them or we were going to drop bombs on them.

That evidence was not given and a coalition led by the United States launched an invasion in to Afghanistan on October 7. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said, "The United States has evidence of Bin Laden’s role in terrorists acts that it will present in due time". Its February 2006, No Osama Bin Laden, No Evidence except for the following absurd story:

19 Islamic hijackers entered the United States, some of the hijackers left parts of their applications blank, some with no specific reason to be in the United States, some with destinations such as hotels.

These hijackers then moved freely about the country obtaining pilots licenses and learning to fly. Somehow these hijackers learned how to fly and navigate these jumbo jets without the aid of air traffic controllers.

These hijackers have no record of purchasing tickets, do not show up on the flight manifest nor are they listed in any autopsies report. There is no photographic or video evidence of any of the hijackers boarding the airplanes. In sum; we can not prove that the hijackers were scheduled to be on those flights, we can not prove that they paid to be on those flights, we can not prove that the hijackers ever boarded any of those flights nor can we prove that any of the hijackers died on any of those flights.

None of the American pilots or co-pilots or navigators on any of the 4 flights thought to send a distress signal while these hijackers were beating down the cockpit doors.

The hijackers were somehow able to get through locked cockpit doors and with nothing except razor blades, plastic knives and/or box cutters these amazing Arab pilots took control of all 4 airplanes even though some of the American pilots that gave up their airplanes had a military background.

Indeed, the hijackers were a perfect 4 out of 4 in take-aways.

The 911 commission report would lead you to believe that they lost flight 77 from radar for 40 minutes because the hijackers turned off the transponder. Do you think enemy bombers that may enter into United States air space would be kind enough to leave their transponders on so we could locate them with our radar and shoot them down?

So simply switching off the transponder on an aircraft must render it invisible to radar because after all, the flight traffic controllers, NORAD and the entire United States military air defense system had nearly an hour to find flight 77. Flight 77 flew directly at the pentagon for 40 minutes then circled the building before crashing into it. Since they were all looking for that particular flight it must be true that our trillion dollar air defense system relies on the enemy to provide their location by leaving their transponder on. Makes perfect sense to me!

Notwithstanding that the Pentagon is ringed by anti-missile batteries, which are programmed to destroy any aircraft entering the Pentagon’s airspace, except for any aircraft with a US military transponder and if Flight 77 had entered the Pentagon’s airspace, it could have escaped being shot down only if officials in the Pentagon had deactivated its anti-aircraft defenses. This Pilot somehow out smarted this anti-aircraft defense system.

The Arab pilots had enough skill to fly close to the ground without anyone hearing the loud roaring jet engines. Engines that are powerful enough to have blown automobiles off of the roadways as they roared over.

It is important to understand that the official conspiracy theory does not show (as one would think) flight 77 diving into the pentagon.

The official conspiracy theory holds that flight 77 flew below the tree tops knocking over light poles and clipping antennas off of automobiles as it passed over the roadways. Indeed the hijacker flew parallel to the ground just inches above the grass at the pentagon and slammed into the ground floor. In other words, if the pentagon had not been in the path of the aircraft the pilot could have simply pulled back on the yoke and regained altitude. No shit? These are some amazing piloting skills. To think your going to hit a cement wall at 500 miles an hour in just a few seconds and your able to keep a steady hand. Your able to keep from upsetting the pentagons gardener by being careful not to scrape the lawn with the jet.

Even as you hate these Arab Pilots one can not deny their cunning and calmness. This pilot was so cunning he turned up alive in Saudi Arabia. When the FBI realized that this experienced pilot was still alive they simply changed that aspect of the official conspiracy theory stripping the first Arab pilot of his wings and awarding them to another Arab that was lauded as a terrible pilot by his instructors. Fortunately for the folks that are hawking the official conspiracy theory, this inexperienced pilot has not turned up alive. It should also be noted that he has not turned up dead either.

In sum now it was no longer an experienced pilot that flew this 757 like it was a toy, it was in fact an inexperienced pilot that flew this plane with jaw dropping skill and pin point accuracy. Sounds reasonable doesn't it? One can imagine how betrayed the inexperienced pilot felt when he found out that the experienced pilot had missed the flight.

Luckily for the military the hijackers chose the only part of the pentagon that was undergoing renovation to make it stronger in case of an attack. As evil and sinister that you believe this inexperienced Arab pilot was, one can not help but wonder if he were trying to limit the number of casualties. After- all he had to go out of his way to hit the renovated section of the pentagon which happened to be the furthest possible section of the building from the offices of the top brass.

Indeed, the inexperienced Arab pilot had to fly completely around the pentagon to hit the west wing that was undergoing an upgrade to make it stronger and because of that upgrade that section of the pentagon had the fewest number of people in it most of which were civilian contractors.

In sum, the inexperienced pilot made a 280 degree turn in Pentagon air space circling 4 of the 5 sides of the pentagon then flew this jumbo jet just a wee bit above the ground without leaving so much as a scrape on the grass. He went through all of this trouble so he could slam into the strongest part of the pentagon that had the fewest number of people in it.

Who ever was behind these attacks probably knows what was attached to the belly of flight 175. Since commercial Boeing airliners do not have pods attached to them, some theorists believe it is a pod for a missile.

Apparently the flash that has been recorded by 4 different camera angles showing what appears to be a missile fired from this pod is where this theory is drawn from.

Flight 11 hitting the North tower and exhibiting the same flash that the south tower missile shows just before impact may also be supportive of this theory. Naturally it is possible that someone is playing a cheap photo shop trick on Americans by manipulating the video so it would probably be a good idea to confirm this strange flash by using the video from the major news agencies and slowing it down yourself as did I.

This would sure go a long way in determining whether the official white house conspiracy theory where 19 freedom hating hijackers with box cutters was indeed the correct version or if someone else may be sitting back and laughing at our gullibility’s.

Those dust clouds that we saw chasing people all over Manhattan are perfectly normal in the collapse of a building so long as the collapse is done with high explosives.

Indeed, until September 11th only volcanic eruptions and high explosives have been able to achieve this pulverizing of material into a pyroclastic flow. Evidently the hundreds of firemen and policeman and citizens and reporters at ground zero were all mistaken about all of the huge explosions they saw, heard, felt and then described.

Explosions that took place in and around the towers just before and while the towers were collapsing.

Once again our president fixed this little problem by placing a gag order on government city and county employees who were at the scene.

Make no mistake about it, people from all over the country are gagging right now. Those who have been ordered to, and those who have not.

They want you to ignore the fact that no steel framed sky scraper had ever collapsed due to fire until September 11th when suddenly 3 steel framed sky scrapers collapsed within hours of each other. (You didn't know about the third one did you.)

They want you to ignore other steel framed sky scrapers that had fires burning in them that were much hotter and burned many hours longer completely gutting the entire building yet when the smoke cleared there was no collapse or any stack of floors from a pancake experience.

They want you to believe them when they tell you that 47 separate steel columns which made up the core of the building was actually a hollow steel shaft. They hope you don’t understand that even given their insulting pancake theory there should have been these massive support columns sticking hundreds of feet up into the air but somehow these massive columns were also shredded into pieces 30 feet or less conveniently ready to be loaded onto trucks.

"No no no no, there were no explosions at the World trade center" gushes the official conspiracy theory. "There were no bombs in the buildings it was refined kerosene burning for 102 and 56 minutes in the North and South towers respectively.

You see om, what happened was em, the steel, it got hot because well, you know it was a lot of jet fuel in there burning, and the hot fire got hotter, err that central core was hit real hard probably made the hot fire even hotter, all at the same time those cheap lightweight floor trusses ahem, the perimeter was actually the buildings support because of those winds that blow hard, then it heated enough so ahem well the fire was really hot and these are really big and really heavy buildings so when the light weight steel trusses were exposed so long to the fire, well ahem yes of course it has to turn the concrete to powder, oh and the stuff on the steel fell off so without the fire proofing material well you know it probably fell off, lots of the stuff fell off so the steel got hot so it must have fell off, so it was inevitable because its clear that nothing could have survived those hot jet fuel fires. You know it was jet fuel burning in there, really hot jet fuel, and furniture and whatnot. Lots of hot burning stuff was burning in there real hot. Its all in the 911 commission report. Isn't it obvious? Why do you ask?

And there you have it. Initial collapse always leads to total collapse in big steel framed buildings with floor trusses.

No. no no no, no bombs anywhere in any of the buildings, So when Larry Silverstein (Lease owner of WTC) told PBS that they blew up building 7 he was also hallucinating or he mis-spoke or it wasn't really him, or he didn't mean what he said or rhetoric, rhetoric, rhetoric.".

Indeed, those raging fires in those black holes carved out by the airplanes heated the trusses evenly enough and hot enough to where hundreds of beams gave at the same exact moment thus causing total collapse via the pancake theory.

Forget about thermal conductivity because its not even mentioned in the 911 commission report.

If you know anything about Thermal conductivity in steel then you are most likely incredibly insulted by the fire theory. If you do not know anything about thermal conductivity in steel ask a welder or a steel worker how long it would take to heat the entire skeleton of the building up. Also ask them why they bother with electric arcs and bottled oxygen to cut steel when a few gallons of jet fuel will do the trick.

They don’t want you to ask them where a photo can be seen showing this stack of floors otherwise you may begin to understand that those floors were made up of a light weight concrete and they were blown to smithereens causing the volcanic like clouds otherwise known as a pyroclastic flow.

They hope you do not see the picture of the woman standing on the edge of the tower where the airplane entered the building and after the fire had died down.

After all if you saw a live human being standing on the edge of the impact floor holding onto a nearly molten steel beam it would be hard to sell the official conspiracy theory that 1500 degree fires on the impact floors is what caused the building to collapse.

Its good to know that the government is there protecting us from mind bending anomalies such as the tapes in which for over a year the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey with the blessing of the United States Justice Department refused to release.

So what in the name of box cutters could have been on those tapes?

Tapes that were withheld from Americans until a court order forced the government to release?

It turns out that the tapes were the only recordings of firefighters that had reached the impact floors.

You remember the floors that had 1500 degree fires in them?

Sure, you remember those 1500 degree fires that heated all of the steel trusses enough to cause them all to give at once which started the initial collapse which we now know always leads to total collapse along with pulverizing any non metallic material into a pyroclastic flow?

You should recall it is inevitable in large steel framed skyscrapers with floor trusses.

It seems these fire fighters were mistaken when they reported two isolated pockets of fire that they could knock down with two lines.

Evidently these fire fighters did not realize that the entire floor was engulfed with 1500 degree fires that were about to cause a controlled demolition like collapse of the entire building including the 47 steel columns which were nearly a quarter mile in length.

Well this oversight by the fire fighters is completely understandable. After all, remember the picture of the lady shown standing on the impact floor looking over the edge? Evidently she also did not realize that she was standing in 1500 degree fires and leaning on a beam that was so hot it was about to shoot hundreds of feet horizontally causing the building to collapse perfectly, symmetrically and totally.

They want you to believe that the keystone flight traffic controllers were on duty that day botching all four opportunities to scramble fighter jets even though they successfully scrambled those same fighters 67 times that year. They want you to believe that these keystone air traffic controllers were able to safely land nearly 4500 flights within an hour admirably achieving something that had never been done before however these same air traffic controllers were not able to pick up a phone and warn NORAD in time.

No don't ask why NORAD relies on the FAA alerting them about wayward aircraft even though NORAD has the most sophisticated tracking equipment on the planet just go with it.

Indeed, they were able to accomplish an unprecedented event of landing thousands of flights but could not perform a routine mission of informing NORAD to scramble jets onto the wings of wayward aircraft.

They hope you forget that the television coverage on September 11th didn’t show an airplane at the pentagon. They hope you will buy the amazing story that for the first time in aviation history the airplane vaporized due to the heat of the fire.

Please do not ask how a Boeing 757 with a wingspan of 125 feet, a height of 44 feet and a length of 155 feet disappeared into a 16 foot diameter hole then vaporized and left no wreckage on the outside of the building.

No the airplane did not simply melt into a giant pool of molten aluminum, steel and titanium it actually burned hot enough to turn it into a vapor that was then blown off by the gentel summer breeze.

They hope you will not connect the dots when they say they recovered most of the human remains at the pentagon even though the airplane itself vaporized. Obviously those who doubt that airplanes can vaporize are wrong otherwise FOX or NBC or one of those pillars of responsible journalism would question it. So apparently there have been significant changes in the temperature hydrocarbons can burn in the atmosphere and/or there have been changes as to what temperature it takes to melt er vaporize aluminum, titanium and steel.

If anyone except our government showed you a smoking hole in the ground minus an airplane and were told that an airplane crashed there would you believe it? Rational people seem to understand that there should be an airplane at an airplane crash site however there were two airplane crash sites minus the airplanes on September 11th 2001.

They hope you do not compare the small amount of heat damage at the pentagon to the heat damage that caused three steel framed sky scrapers to collapse perfectly, symmetrically and totally.

They hope you do not see the video of building 7 that collapsed into a tiny pile of rubble at free fall speed and compare that collapse to another video of a controlled demolition.

They hope you do not question the gag order placed upon firefighters who were at the scene and policemen who were at the scene. They hope you buy the asinine excuse that the gag order is for national security.

Lets all come together as Americans and sign over the entire constitution and the bill of rights so we can get these terrorists once and for all. What the hell, why don't we just give our constitution and bill of rights away to a country that can use them. Besides when was the last time you remember the United States using them? As president Bush stated. "Stop throwing the constitution in my face! It's just a god damned piece of paper!"

Aside from the nearly 3000 heroes that have given their lives at ground zero, the pentagon and Shanksville, their are indeed more heroes that have descended from September 11th 2001. However these heroes are presently being treated as communists or conspiracy theorists. These heroes are trying to persuade you to pull your heads out of the main stream media long enough to simply look at the video evidence they have gathered through a form of media that the government has not been able to seize. These heroes are your own sons and your own daughters. I listened to my son and it turns out that it was the best thing I could do for my country. Please give your son or daughter one hour of your time. Please.


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