Saturday, April 08, 2017

The Earth is not a Globe

I thought Flat Earth was a psyops and was reluctant to even go there but when I finally got the courage to look at it, it was actually pretty easy. I decided to initially bypass the internet and started reading a book from 1901, Terra Firma, The Earth is not a Planet and it's mind blowing. The easiest proof that the earth is not a globe is that the horizon always rises to eye level.

This is the one of the biggest of them all. Why would they go through all this trouble to sell this lie? The best I can come up with is to separate us from the idea of a creator. The theory of evolution is also part of that.

Now is this an organic movement? Almost certainly not so there will be controlled opposition types and the debunkers are out in full force. And this has been very divisive in the 'conspiracy community' as they have done an impeccable job at brain washing the masses with the ubiquitous globe.

We truly live in a matrix.

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